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Women’s Projects

As with all Cornerstone programs, the Women's Program offers its volunteers a uniquely self-determined experience. Volunteers may maintain and expand existing projects, as well as develop new ones that grow out of a volunteers own interests and perceptions.

Computer classes

Education & Training

Volunteers teach (or locate facilitators to teach) classes to women empowering them with skills needed to help them earn an income. Classes or courses focus on both professional women and those who work domestically:

  • Computer classes
  • Sewing lessons
  • Jewelry-making classes
  • Job application and interview skills courses
  • Cooking classes
  • Canning instruction
  • Job/task specific English instruction
Volunteers organize workshops to educate and unite women on a variety of subjects including self-esteem, gender diversity, domestic violence, health and nutrition.

Often, organizing women's groups are a way to bring women together and to establish community support systems. Helping to launch or sustain women's groups with resources for crafts, such as cooking or sewing, workshops with a professional or job-related focus, or those for general-help, establish support systems and also provide women with the ability to gain extra income and achieve degrees of financial independence.

Volunteers work to collaborate with existing common-cause organizations and professionals in order to strengthen programs and maintain sustainability.

Additionally, Women's Program work can often overlap with other Programs, such as with Literacy, HIV/AIDS, or Youth work. Volunteers may establish or help with women's educational groups where topics such as English second language and life-skills education are combined.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Volunteers work with community members to challenge the acceptance of inhibiting stereotypical gender roles, and widespread domestic violence that often stems from such gender roles. Volunteers establish projects that are designed to discourage family violence, support domestic violence survivors, and create networks of support for those working to eradicate domestic abuse:

  • Help assist local action and relief efforts devoted to ending domestic abuse
  • Help to provide education about family violence and victims' rights and advocate for improved law enforcement
  • Help to train and support peer counselors
  • Assist the Women's Department and the Cayo Center for Development and Cooperation
  • Facilitate networking of professionals and laypeople working with victims
  • Develop teenage girls' groups to address women's issues.
International Womens Day

Women-Centered Events

Volunteers work with professionals in the community to coordinate and establish events that involve and benefit women and their families. Volunteers might help to facilitate new women-centered events, or promote a greater degree of women's involvement, visibility, and recognition in existing events, such as within cultural celebrations and parades:

  • Help community groups with the annual Women’s Cultural Festival (fall) to celebrate women in the arts, music, dance, homemaking skills, entrepreneurship, etc. and with the annual Women’s Week (spring) to promote awareness of women's rights
  • Establish new women-centered events
  • Help organize and create the September Celebrations Festival float


As in any nonprofit, fundraising is central to the functions and sustainability of the Cornerstone’s Women's Program, ensuring that the program is financially capable of carrying out its mission. Community fundraisers provide a venue for community involvement and awareness and promote specific causes.

Volunteer’s help in researching funding sources, writing grant proposals, and work with local resources to aid in funding.

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