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HIV outreach course

Two Week Cultural Learning Experience

Belize has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS infection in Central America and the fourth highest rate in all of Latin America. Cultural perspectives and beliefs contribute to this statistic.


Program Objectives

Education plays a big role in prevention, and fun, hands-on activities make the biggest difference. Determine a slogan, theme, or design. Work with a medium such as banners or posters, essays, drama, video, song, publication, or mural. Next, create and produce a visual or audio presentation. Be prepared to use your imagination, make use of natural and recycled resources, and then expect it to work. And it will! Feel free to bring easily available and inexpensive resources with you from home.

Cultural sensitivity is especially necessary when promoting HIV/AIDS prevention. Once registered for the program, participants will be sent an HIV/AIDS manual via email, providing insight into the specifics unique to the struggle against HIV/AIDS in Belize.

Program Objectives

Participants will:
  • Outreach within the community, promoting HIV/AIDS initiatives.
  • Observe cultural perspectives affecting HIV/AIDS education.
  • Develop a visual or audio HIV/AIDS education project.


Be like a Belizean, that is, prepared to go with the flow. Plans may be different from reality. The program outline below suggests the flow of your activities, but should not be considered as a guaranteed timetable. Details depend on how many participants are in the program with you (the range can be from one to ten) and on the initiative you bring to the experience.

Program Elements

  • Participate in an orientation to the facility, the organization, and San Ignacio Town
  • Introduction to program goals and project options
  • Become familiar with current activities and the upcoming schedule
  • Determine materials needed and any slogans, skits, themes, etc. for project development
  • Create your project (examples: mural, video production, banner, essay contest, etc.)
  • Outreach in the community
  • Assist with additional existing HIV/AIDS education projects (see the ongoing HIV/AIDS Education and prevention program initiatives)
  • Present your project. If a public event, invite public officials, health professionals in the area, parents, students and others who you might identify as having an active interest in the outcome of your project.


  • Outreach in the community and meet people
  • Canoe the beautiful Macal River
  • Visit the Natural History and Blue Morpho Butterfly Center
  • Visit Cahal Pech and Xunantunich, ancient Maya sites

Curriculum Conclusion

  • Write a 4 - 5 page, typed, double-spaced paper identifying cultural perspectives affecting HIV/AIDS education and prevention in Central America. (Obligatory for participants seeking school credit; suggested for all)
  • Write a 4 - 5 page, typed, double-spaced paper describing your project, how it came to be, and what you perceive the outcome. (Obligatory for all pariticpants)
  • The above assignments are optional for non-students, however everyone should keep a journal of their daily experiences and feelings and are asked to write a paper about what they experienced during the two weeks, or a critique of the program, or to tell a story about a specific experience.
  • Assess experiences with Cornerstone Foundation, identify with re-entry challenges, and receive Certificate of Achievement.

$699 US per person includes

  • Two week AIDS Outreach activities
  • Bunk room accommodations
  • Midday meals five days a week
  • Excursions to two ancient Maya sites
  • Canoe river trip (includes Butterfly Farm and Natural History Centre)

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The Cornerstone Foundation, P.O. Box 242, 27 Far West Street, San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize, Central America | ~ 011-501-667-0210